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Tree & Shrub Trimming and Pruning

Most trees and shrubs need trimmed once or twice a year depending on the type. Our crews have the know-how and the tools to do the job right.Trimming shrubs and pruning trees help create a healthy, strong, attractive plant. Trimming shrubs into certain shapes to fit different styles is possible. Pruning tree branches can improve your safety, when the branches grow too large and block your visibility when leaving your driveway, for example. Pruning off dead or diseased branches will improve the health of the plant. In some cases, pruning a tree to encourage making more flowers is possible.

Pruning and trimming trees and shrubs can be done any time of the year. Many people have their trees pruned in the spring or summer. But you may want to consider doing it in the fall or winter, after the leaves are off the trees. During seasons without the leaves, the structure of the tree more visible, which makes it easier to access and a better evaluation of what needs to be pruned can be done.

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