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Tree Clearing and Removal

Branching Out Tree Services provides tree removal services throughout the greater New York area. Although we prefer to preserve trees, we understand that there are valid reasons to remove a tree, when tree roots grow under concrete patios, sidewalks or driveways, they eventually grow large enough to compact soil and then crack the concrete. Trees planted to close to structures will eventually grow roots that will crack foundations; branches may damage roofs, fences and structural walls. Some groups of trees are planted to close together, which can affect the health and growth of other trees. Trees block sun, become diseased, die, effect your lawn, block views etc., providing a multitude of reasons for removal.

If removal is required, only a qualified tree removal expert should be utilized. It is extremely dangerous work and people can get hurt if something goes wrong (not to forget the possibility of serious property damage). Branching Out Tree Services has all the gear, equipment and personnel to remove a tree safely
in any location, commercial or residential.

Although we normally climb trees for removal, we also utilize lift trucks, when necessary, to access trees that are located in difficult locations. Our climbers normally drop pieces of wood on the ground, however, in sensitive locations we will lower pieces to the ground by ropes using friction devices to minimize or eliminate damage to the surrounding areas, plants, or property.

Branching Out Tree Services provides 24 hour emergency tree service, if a tree falls on your
property and requires immediate removal.

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